What’s in store?

IMG_3734Yesterday we celebrated 2 years since my gorgeous wife moved out to Egypt with me.  A meal at Stone in the Marina was very much enjoyed, and there’s a new “pirate ship” restaurant appeared.

I’d dropped the bike off for a service earlier in the day but on arriving to collect it on the way home from the restaurant, it turns out that the entire wiring block had gone and so we’ll have to wait until Monday to get it back.

IMG_3673Well the coming year is looking pretty uneventful.

2 trips to the UK (birthdays) and one to Spain (wedding), so no proper travelling.

We’ll have to fit in a couple of weekend holidays I think, and I do like the idea of another Luxor cruise in the summer, maybe taking in a bit more of Aswan.

IMG_3686Then again there’s Cairo and the pyramids, Alexander and its library sitting on the Med, Marsa Alam further down the coast with its amazing reefs.

Corinne hasn’t seen Sharm El Sheikh yet and it’s rumoured that the ferry is working again.

If the situation in Sinai improves then Dahab is also a lovely spot to relax.

IMG_3720We have standing invites to Luxor, Qena, Sohag, Ismalia and Abu Hamed, so Egypt could keep us busy for a while.

Closer to home we still have to see Soma Bay, Makadi Bay, Sal Hasheesh, Safaga, El Quesir and more.

On a busier note, Mum and Dad are coming to see us in a couple of weeks, which we’re really looking forward to.  I do wish they’d visit when the weather is warmer and see the place we love in a brighter light.

IMG_3732We had a bit of a storm a few days ago.  Torrential rain and hailstones the size of golf balls.  Thunder and lightning and a cat that didn’t understand what the hell was going on.  5 hour power cut and 30 hour internet loss.  Corinne’s statement that “I didn’t sign up to this” had me diving for Google to find somewhere without any rain, but we didn’t have any internet so that was pointless.

There’s a fair amount of damage to our beach which Cleo was inspecting carefully yesterday while we had a swim.  A flatbed full of sand arrived to repair some of it and Khaled (our wonderful Bawab) was out early this morning assessing the work required to sort it out.

That sort of brings us up to date.  Have fun.

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