As a precursor to our adventures we boarded an Easyjet flight at Gatwick and headed to Venice with just hand luggage.

Wandering straight through customs, Corinne was subjected to a full body scan.

We had a decent breakfast at cafe rouge in the airport before boarding the flight and arriving in Venice 2 hours later.

On the Allilaguna

Taking the allilaguna ferry over to St. Mark’s square we then picked up a map and wandered through the magical streets of Venice to the guesthouse. Four flights of stairs later and we dumped our bags in the rather pleasant room before heading back down the stairs to look for some food.









view from our room

view from our room

30 seconds later we found the Taverna Maurizio where we enjoyed a lovely seafood platter and lobster tagliatelle with a couple of carafes of wine.

Back to the room and we changed for the evening, then braved the stairs again to discover what Venice had to offer.

Wandering around we came to the area known as Academia and crossed a bridge into a small piazza where there was a pavement cafe next to a marble-fronted theatre.

We took a seat and ordered some beers (well, I did, Corinne was behaving herself) and listened to some street entertainers who were playing classical music on a ukelele and a guitar and doing an amazing job of it.


The streets of Venice

The streets of Venice

We then ventured to another square and settled for La Cafe and ordered pizzas, which were ok but had hardly any topping.

First day in Venice over, we headed off to bed.

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