Venice – Fini

Having had breakfast in the room again I headed out to the bank to get some cash to pay for the room.

The bank kindly refused my card and so I traipsed back to the room and tried to do a bank transfer.  Nope.

Luckily the wonderful owner accepted sterling and I paid in good old
British pounds.


We decided not to island hop (Murano, Burano etc) but to relax on our last day in this beautiful city.  Packing up and heading out, we walked down to the front of the Grand Canal and relaxed at a small cafe in the sporadic sunshine, where we tried the pasta with pesto.  Wow, simple fresh made pasta with a basil sauce (no pine nuts) went down very well with a cold beer.

We wandered along the canal and I checked out the timings for the Alliaguna back to the airport – plenty of time as we didn’t need to get the ferry until at least 18:30.

As we walked further along the canal we noticed the prices in the restaurants gradually decreasing and used the cost of a Margherita pizza as a guide for the general restaurant cost.

Next to a water bus stop we sat down in a pavement cafe and had a coffee.  The cafe was a bit unfriendly compared to others we’d been in and so we continued to walk down the promenade.

Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi

We came upon a large, wide street heading perpendicular to the promenade and decided to explore it.

The cafes were very bohemian and there was a relaxed atmosphere about the whole area.  A big surprise was a park whose entrance was halfway down this boulevard.

Towards the bottom of the boulevard was a stunning view over a small canal, but the smells here left a lot to be desired and so we decided not to have lunch in the cafe next to it.

We wandered back up to the top and enjoyed a gorgeous gnocchi with tomato sauce and a seafood pasta.


Finally negotiating our way back to a water bus stop, we boarded the Allilaguna and headed back to the airport, for the final flight back to the UK.


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