has rarely been more welcome. With ever changing work priorities and absolutely no movement on the house, it’s not been a particularly pleasant week.

We sold a few things on ebay (chests of drawers, tallboy, storage chests) and so underwear, socks etc. are now homeless.

To relate the story of solicitors.  A few weeks ago, our solicitor faxed their solicitor the deed of covenant on the house.  Their solicitor couldn’t read it.  They tried again (probably a few days later) – still unreadable.  Moving forward into the 20th century, they scanned it and emailed it.  Still no joy.

On Monday of last week we were informed.  I told them to courier it and we’d pay.  They said no problem, they had a free courier service.  So they photocopied it and sent it over.  Still unreadable.

Yesterday, apparently,  our solicitors looked at the original and found that they couldn’t read it either.  Their solicitors informed their client (our buyers) that there was a problem.  The first time they had told them!  Weeks of delay due to inept, overcharging morons.

As the covenant dates back to 1836 or so and is unreadable, I wouldn’t have thought it would be a problem (it wasn’t when Corinne bought the house again 8 months ago!), but the solicitors seem to enjoy making life as painful as possible for us.

So we still can’t book flights, get rid of the rest of the stuff in the house, arrange accommodation in Egypt, let Mum & Dad know when we’re invading again etc.

On the work front, I had to drop everything to get a system up and running for a demo to an investor on Friday, which didn’t happen.  It’s going to happen on Tuesday now, but as we’re away for the Bank Holiday then I’m not going to be able to get much more done on it.  If the investor likes the system then I’ll have a paid job for the next year or two!  If not, retirement beckons as I’m getting rather tired of stressing myself out for nothing.

Yes, we’re off for the Bank Holiday to Centre Parcs in Longleat.  Uncle Richard’s 70th birthday party.  It will be an Emery-based festival of fun.  Just sitting on the sofa with a coffee and my gorgeous wife.  The sun has made an appearance on the patio although it feels cold today.

Here’s hoping that we exchange next week, as it’s only six weeks now until we’re planning to leave the country.

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