The sound of silence

… is misleading.

IMG20150627152653.jpg2 weeks after arriving home in Egypt and we’re moving again. 2 weeks of no water each morning. 2 weeks of the ninja upstairs and her brood of baby elephants stomping across the ceiling until sunrise. 2 weeks of the new doorman doing absolutely bugger all to the communal areas, letting the building fall into disrepair. 2 weeks of the owner needing money for something else all the time.

Not our best return to Egypt and it’s during Ramadan as well. The time of year when the laziest race of people in the world redouble their efforts to retain that title.

11707655_1654343294787318_2282550858513062007_n.jpgIt had to come to a head and it did, with me taking on the family upstairs, the rest of the apartment residents and the doorman in a standoff that ended with us telling the building owner and his wife that no matter how much they wanted us to stay, it was time for us to go.  6 years was over.

We’ve found a new apartment and we’re moving in there tomorrow. We have the bike working again so our freedom is once again achieved.  My amazing wife has put up with my bad humour during this period and has frequently removed weapons from my hands to prevent us being parted by the judiciary and thus preventing the deaths of numerous monkeys.

IMG20150627152945.jpgA new life in a new home looms tomorrow, thank you to my wife for waiting.

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