The first leg of our journey begins with a flight from Hurghada (home), via Cairo to Bangkok.

I booked these flights a week ago, then went to online check-in.

“Check in with your booking code or flight ticket number”.

We hadn’t received any flight tickets.

Entering the booking number and our surname, I received an “INVALID DATA” reply.

Oh dear.

I searched for the booking on the website and there it was.  Phew.

Reading the small print, online check-in is only available 48 before the flight.  Leaving it a bit late, but I’d try later.

Today I waited until well after 18:45 (flight time on Saturday) to try again.  I tried. And failed.


“oh dear me” I thought, or words to that effect.

Maybe it’s the browser? Let’s try Internet Explorer (uurgh!).

Ok, entered the booking number etc and it pulled up our details.  Marked as “not checked in”.

I clicked the button to check us in and up popped a javascript error.  I cancelled it and it let me continue to a warning of what can’t be taken onboard, and then it redirected me back to the check-in page where, after entering our details again, it told me we were “not checked in”.

Hmm, lateral thought processes.  Let’s try Firefox.

Firefox gave me an “INVALID DATA” response.

One final try with Chrome again as it may have just been their crappy systems not actually being “48 hours” in sync.

Hey, it found our booking!  Let’s try and check in.

Ooh, warnings about hazardous materials.

Let’s click next. Ooh! Option to print or receive boarding card by email.  Email.

Let’s see the flight details.

Cairo to Jakarta.  WTF???? Ok, 1 stop, so I guess that’s to drop us off in Bangkok.  Corinne hopes that they remember to drop our luggage with us.

Enter email details. Back to check-in page.  Enter details again.

Ah, well it says we’re checked in now, let’s try printing the boarding card.

Yes! It gives me the option to save it, which I do, quickly!  Laptop over to Printer, USB attached.

“psst” – the sound of a fresh Stella opening as I celebrate the printing of the boarding cards.

Hopefully we can get as far as Bangkok now.

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