The came, they saw, they left…

IMG_0060Jeannie and Jimmy arrived in Hurghada and settles in to the spare room pretty quickly.

10 days were spent mostly just lounging around the apartment and outside on the patio, down on the sunbeds on the beach and in the stupidly warm water.

We sort of felt guilty as we didn’t do the whole touristic thing but they seemed happy with chilling in Dahar and left with smiles.

IMG_0067A small boat trip was fun when Corinne and I surfaced from taking some photos and the boat had disappeared.  Mustafa, the captain, had scooted off to pick up the boss’s friend and son.  We eventually made it back alive.

A trip down to the sea yesterday morning and as we entered the water there was a little stingray playing at the edge of the shore. Cute or what?

IMG_0082Cleo has discovered geckos and Corinne has discovered deep-water reef snorkelling.  The coral here is really improving year on year and there’s lots to see each day.

We’re swimming each day at high tide and nipping out on the bike to get essentials when needed.  Most of the time we stay at home and ignore the world.  It works well for us.

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