The Annual Events

IMG_2826My last missive saw me getting progressively chillier and more frustrated with the rest of the world.  It obviously made sense, then, for us to venture out into that world and to head for an even colder country.

We arrived back in the UK to be told by all and sundry what a mild winter they were having.  I think that’s what they were saying but it was hard to hear them properly over the noise of the constant, hammering rain.

IMG_2834We were picked up from the airport by Mum & Dad and whisked back to their house – our home for the next six weeks. It was wonderful to see them again and a meal out for Dad’s birthday at New Gurkha Kitchen was much enjoyed.

We caught up with our friends in the south before heading up North for a week to catch up with family and friends there.  All too brief and hectic but it was great to see my sister and all the friends and family.  A stop-off in Gloucestershire on the way back and we eventually made our way back to Surrey.

IMG_2976More catching up with friends, family and ex-work colleagues ensued, culminating in the reason we were back in the UK to begin with.  Nina’s wedding, where I was to act as a witness during her marriage to Liam.

In a similar manner to our own wedding, the get-t0gether started on the Friday night and finished on the Monday morning, when Steve & Cath accompanied us to the airport and onwards to Egypt.  Special assistance at the airport made the entire procedure far less stressful and and a few hours later we were back in Hurghada.

IMG20160121175357A week of doing bugger all was enjoyed and with the amazing discovery that Cath likes falafel (a lot!), we put them back on a plane to the UK.

It’s pretty chilly here at the moment and due to get colder as the week goes on.  Corinne and I are hibernating.  We’ve just had 7 weeks of constant company and although it was with people that we love, we’re anti-social creatures and will need to get back into our cocoons.

Cleo’s happy to be back home after her sojourn at Blue Moon and is taking advantage of the blanket on the bed.  Normality ensues.

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