Silence is golden…

… or enforced, as the past 2 weeks since we have arrived in Egypt have been, to say the least, challenging.

IMG20150627152653We’ve been in this apartment for 6 years now, ne’er a problem or issue.  Since we arrived back, the ninja upstairs with her multiple baby elephants have made life pretty miserable when trying to sleep in the evenings.  Stamping and jumping around until the sun comes up.

The quality of the building has deteriorated considerably, with the new doorman doing feck all to prevent that happening.

IMG20150627152953This came to a head the other night with me threatening to chuck the doorman over the stairwell, a lot of the Egyptians in the apartment block yelling and screaming about me not being Egyptian and therefore not being allowed to call the slag upstairs the words that I was calling her and the owner and his wife having a sit-down with us and trying to persuade us to stay in the building.

As we had already found somewhere new to rent, due to the problems in the apartment block, we informed them that we would be moving on.  As of this moment, we are moving tomorrow.

11707655_1654343294787318_2282550858513062007_nThe guys down in Geisum have helped us move today, taking about an hour to strips 60% of the apartment and move it to the new flat, then unload it there.  They’ll be completing the operation tomorrow but it really isn’t a painful experience here, apart from wondering if the furniture and stuff will arrive in one piece.

IMG20150627152945The new apartment is lovely, bigger, quieter and definitely more expensive, but it seems that we don’t have any Egyptian neighbours there, or children – perfect!

Not the best introduction back to Egypt but my gorgeous wife and I will finally be starting afresh in a new apartment together.  Here’s to the next chapter!

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