Shweya Shweya

Ok, we’ve been moved in for two weeks now.IMG_2442

We don’t go out much, except on the bike to do some shopping and stuff.

We don’t need to.  We live on the beach.  We have beer and wine delivered.  The shops are a short bike ride away (which still causes some issues as the Egyptian mechanics have destroyed my carburettor and so today we realised that the issue we have is that the fuel is all slowly leaking out).

IMG_2443We swim pretty much every day.  Corinne has the high tide times on her laptop.  It’s nice.  It’s more than nice.

In the past week we’ve had our long-standing friends from Luxor come and visit, followed by a good friend from Alexandria (lives in Cairo) who stays in El Gouna.  Posh sod.

IMG_2426It was lovely to see them and great to meet Cherif’s mum.  El Gouna was as busy as we’d ever seen it.  Dahar was packed during Eid when Gamal and the family visited.  We had been to Caribbean Bar in Bella Vista for our anniversary lunch, followed by dinner at Nubian in the Marina (of course).  Packed.  Rammed.  All the cries of “No tourists” sort of dissolve when we see the reality.  Admittedly a lot of this whining is from the shop/bar owners and when the majority of tourists are sucked in by all-inclusive deals and told not to go outside the hotel then you can see why the economy is choking.  Big business strangling the world as usual – hotel chains in this case.

IMG_2457We’re currently lounging around until the flight lands later with our friends from Gloucestershire abroad.  It’s the third time out here now for Jimmy and Jeannie – hardcore Majorca and Tenerife veterans before they came here for the first time during the second revolution.  Something must be right about this place for people to keep coming back.

Tomorrow we’ll be going swimming again.  Sunday also.  I’m guessing that Monday will be more of the same.

Life is continuing to amaze me every day.

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