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IMG_2775We’re here in November … and the temperature’s dropping slightly.  29°C forecast today with a low of 19°C.  Brrrr.

The sea is just about tolerable to bob around in but we’ve both been suffering from colds and so swimming has been put to one side over the past two weeks.

IMG20151111191631We had a pleasant surprise the other day when an ex-colleague of Corinne’s turned up in Hurghada.  We jumped on the bike and headed to the airport with a couple of Stella and some water to greet them with, but we were refused entry to the airport complex.  A week later we did meet up with them for a meal in the evening and had a drink in Hard Rock Café before dinner at Nubian in the Marina.  A very pleasant evening.

IMG_2793For those that were waiting in anticipation – our visas were renewed for 2 months and we were told to come back to the office then.  As we’re leaving the country on 7th December then it’s a moot point really.  We’ll just have to get 30-day tourist visas when we come back and start the whole process over again.

The entire world has gone mad right now.  The Russian plane crash in Sinai started of a huge backlash against the UK for cancelling flights to Shark El Sheikh, with Egyptians blaming the British for ruining their tourism.  The Egyptians and Russians were really angry about the suggestion of a bomb from the UK authorities. Not long after the Russians suspended ALL flights to Egypt.  It has now also been proven to have been a bomb and all the idiots seem to have gone quiet about this subject.

IMG_2794They are, of course, all now shouting about the attacks in Paris and claiming that it is the USA and UK who are responsible.  Russians are asking why there wasn’t as much fuss made of the plane crash and the Russian dead, as there has been about the Paris attacks.  Quite simple really…
1. Russia kept denying that the plane was the target of a terrorist attack.  By the time they finally admitted it the world’s attention was elsewhere.
2. Nobody likes Russians, which is their own fault.  They are (in the main) rude and arrogant.

Anyway, this blog isn’t really the place for a rant, but as the whole world seems to be ranting at the moment then I thought I’d join in.

IMG_2796_thumb.jpgWe’re getting ready now for the trip back to the UK, where we have a pretty busy schedule for the 6 weeks that we’re there.  It’s going to be cold and neither of us are looking forward to that.  There’s nothing that we’re missing that we want to go back for, apart from seeing friends and family.  It would make a lot more sense if they all came out to visit us, as it’s much warmer and cheaper here.

I’m getting twitchy feet again and find myself looking for hotels in various places around the world.  Plans are to be back in Southeast Asia at the end of next year, but I really do feel the need for a holiday in the spring.  India is calling quite loudly.

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