Well, we’re still in Egypt now, having been in and out of the UK twice since the last post. The first time, to give mum a surprise for Christmas. The second, Gran’s 95th birthday.

I’m posting today as we’ve just received our 6 month visa, taking us through to September of this year. The exchange rate is still around 23 LE to the pound and there’s a hotel called Les Roi (used to be quite posh) which is now offering a room, use of the pool and hotel facilities, for 800 LE per month – that’s less than £40 a month for somewhere to live in the sun, with use of a swimming pool. Add to the that the ability to live on a pot of koshery for lunch (7 LE – 30p) and a chicken and rice dinner (20 LE – 80p), you _could_ live here in the sun and swim every day for £65 a month (plus £25 per 6 months for the visa). True story. Finding life hard in the UK? £65 a month to live in the sun and swim every day. Shame the UK won’t pay jobseeker’s allowance over here.

Spring is finally re-emerging and temperatures are becoming bearable again. The sea is once again becoming a daily respite from the hard work of doing bugger all, although Cozdragon has been and gone and tangled herself up with another NGO to do work in another part of Africa.

We have 8 kittens less thana a week old on our back-balcony as the cat that had a litter 6 months ago, and 6 months before that, has had another. We’re thinking of naming it Katona.

I’ve been quiet as I pretty much have no words to deal with the moronic idiocy perpetrated by the brainwashed, utterly stupid and inbred cretins in the USA who voted the fascist narcissistic racist self-serving delusional backward … words fail me … arsehole that is Trump, into the Whitehouse. No more to be said. I am so anti-US now it’s ridiculous and I almost believe that the religious psychopaths Daesh have more validity and humanity that the right-wing Christian right and their orange saviour in the USSA (POTUS – Putin Owns The US). Quite odd how the USA’s greatest enemy (Russia) is now running things over there. Unbelievable fuckwittidness. I’ve tried to keep politics and religion out of my blog but really? Racists and morons running the UK, inbred racist backwardness across the pond. All run by the media.

We’ll stay in this oasis of quiet paradise and hope one of those US nutters with a sniper rifle goes for a deserving target for once. No photos in this blog, I just needed to vent before I can release goodness.

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