What a horrendous week.  Work priorities changing constantly.  Demo to a potential investor on Friday, decision should be made on Tuesday.  If it’s a no then I think it’s time to hang up my keyboard and declare myself retired.

Daily incompetence from the solicitors.  Friday saw me constantly calling the estate agents and pushing to get the exchange on the house completed. It didn’t happen.  It may happen on Monday now, in which case we’re going for a completion date of 23rd May, the day Corinne finishes work.

Corinne’s done well putting up with me this week.  I’ve been thoroughly miserable and fed up of the mess with the house, work, pretty much everything.  She’s still there each morning when I wake up though, so I suppose my karma is still pretty good.

Took a load of stuff up to Mum & Dad’s today and then went for lunch, with Gran as well, to The Yew Tree.  It’s always good there, but the calves’ liver and bacon with mash and onion gravy was one of the best I’ve had.

Back home and we started packing up some of the kitchen cupboards.  Looking around now there’s really not THAT much to do, but with us probably moving out of here next Friday we only have a week to get the bulk of it done.

Trip to the tip planned for tomorrow, quite a bit to dump as usual and also a couple of binbags full of weeds.  Horrible things.  Never stop coming back.  Freezer examined – tonight’s and tomorrow’s food is now out defrosting and we have one empty freezer tray.  Lobster Thermidor tomorrow, and a few scallops to do something with.

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