Koalas in Lumpurs?

We arrived in DMK airport at an ungodly hour,  checked in, made it onto the flight and were off again with minimal fuss.

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur, I booked an airport taxi to the hotel and we sauntered out and into our “deluxe” taxi, which had a boot held down with a bungee and had bodywork to match.

After about half an hour, at the second toll booth, the car cut out.  5 minutes of trying to restart the car failed and so the driver had the toll booth staff help push us to the side of the road.

Corinne & I got out of the car and giggled in the sunshine, completely confusing the driver who, I think, was expecting us to kick off big time.  We stood at the side of the tool booth and smiled, waved and danced at passing drivers for about 20 minutes until a passing taxi stopped, persuaded our driver that he could take us to the hotel and promptly did.

IMG_1551We arrived in KL with the driver having only a vague idea of where the hotel was (as I had given him the address).  He stopped for directions and it turned out that we were parked pretty much outside it.

Around lunchtime we checked in and went up the (no hand rail) stairs to our room on the second floor.  Room?  Not really. Box? More accurate.  10 feet square with bed, wardrobe, TV in it.  The attached bathroom was roomier and perfectly acceptable but the sleeping area (no windows) was literally a wood-encased box.

IMG_1559Time to get out, so we wandered up the road and found a Vietnamese restaurant on the corner which provided us with a good lunch.  Back to the hotel for a shower and just in time, as the heavens opened in the most spectacular thunderstorm that I’ve ever seen.  An hour of lightning and booming heavens.  We sat on the communal balcony in the hotel and watched the water sheeting down.

For dinner we wandered slightly further up the road to a another restaurant which sold “Connells Stout”.  If you like stout, don’t bother.  the 3 for 2 made it affordable but it was a struggle do drink the stuff.  The food was fine and we headed back to the hotel to sleep, as that’s all it was fit for.

Waking up the next day, we decided it was too early to get up and so went back to sleep, we’d get up for breakfast between 7 and 10.  Hmm.  We woke and finally checked a phone to realise that it was past midday.

IMG_1576We decided to check out the Patronas Towers and so wandered out and across some scary roads where we found an amazing Japanese restaurant for lunch.

Finding gorgeous surroundings and a nice menu, we sat down to be presented with a tablet-pc each.  On here was a complete menu where we could press buttons and order sushi and drinks at any time.  Which we did. Lots!

IMG_1530We continued to wander through the humidity, which was extreme, to the Twin Towers.  Dropping into a nearby skyscraper, Corinne found a Benefit makeup shop which required a small detour and new mortgage, before we went into the lobby of the Patronas Towers.  £15 for an elevator ride to the sky bridge on a cloudy day seemed a bit of a rip-off, so we went outside, took a few photos and headed back to a bar near the hotel which sold nice, cold Guinness.

An early dinner in a bar near the hotel and then back to the room, we set alarms for the morning and had another early night.

In the morning we packed and went straight out to the street where we took a taxi to the airport and said goodbye to stormy, expensive, humid Kuala Lumpur, without any regrets.

A few hours later we were flying into Siem Reap airport in Cambodia.

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