Finally … it’s happened!

After the buyer’s solicitors doing their best to be more inept than our original estate agents, we have exchanged contracts on the house.

With a completion date set for 10th October we’ll finally be on our way abroad to the sun.

In the meantime, I’ve booked 2 nights in Venice for my wonderful wife and I, as she’s never been there and would like to see it before it sinks.

We’re currently packing the house up and I’m getting used to my new medication.  The new ones seem to affect me less badly than the old ones so now that they’ve settled in a bit I have some even newer ones to try out.

Moving out next Monday to stay in Mum & Dad’s for a few weeks before we finally escape.

Plans are to fly to Egypt on 29th October.  We’ll relax there and recover from this year, then head over to South East Asia early next year.  We don’t have anywhere to stay in Egypt but I’m sure something will make itself available.

I’ve also availed myself of the “e-shisha” refillable type of electronic cigarette, with a view to using no-nicotine liquids.  Not smoking for the past 3  months must be saving me money although I haven’t noticed any health benefits yet.

Now we’re moving ahead I should be posting photos and info on a more regular basis.

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