Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

It has been a month since my last post.

I’ve spent that month mostly sat on my steadily increasing backside while my gorgeous wife has been looking after me.

I attended the hospital on 13th August, 1 month to the day after our wedding anniversay. There, the lovely people put in 2 more stents for me and did a bit of tidying up in my heart arteries. A bit like having professional cleaners come in and sort it all out.

The lovely surgeon put a plug in my thigh artery, rather than the clamp that I had last time, which enabled me to leave the hospital just six hours later. Wonderful.

Again, I wasn’t allowed to do much for the following week or two, so I’ve been lazing around and thinking of things to do.

The house sale fell through again… so we engaged the rather wonderful Perry Power to sell it.

A call on the Friday evening and an hour later it was live on the internet.

A call from him on Saturday to arrange a viewing for Monday.

Tuesday arrived and we received an offer for the house, as well as two more viewings for the Thursday.
By the end of Thursday we had 5 offers to choose from, one of them being a cash buyer with no chain. Result!
The sale is now progressing again although the banks couldn’t see the buyer until 3 weeks later, after which the survey will need to be booked in and so it all feels like it’s taking forever.

Corinne and I had a Skype interview this morning with LUC (Let Us Create) in Cambodia.

It’s a volunteer project where our skills could be useful in helping the locals in Sihanoukville when we’re in Cambodia next spring (hopefully!). It’s a great cause and we’re looking forward to making a difference.

September is almost upon us and we’re hoping that early October we can wave goodbye to the rain-sodden shores of the UK and head back to Egypt to start our future.

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