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Conversations provide the interaction with the player and the path that the player will take through the screenplay.

They could be simple things, like an option on a terminal, or they could take the player on a completely different experience through the screenplay.

In your bin/scripts/mobile/custom_content/conversations folder, create yourself a myscreenplay folder and within that create a myscreenplay_my_npc.lua file.

-- define the conversation template
-- note the myscreenplay_ prefix before the my_npc
-- this is in case there is a my_npc conversation declared elsewhere in the system

myscreenplay_my_npc = ConvoTemplate:new { initialScreen = "myscreenplay_my_npc_first_conv", templateType = "Lua", luaClassHandler = "myscreenplay_my_npc_convo_handler", screens = {} } -- first conversation
myscreenplay_my_npc_first_conv = ConvoScreen:new { id = "myscreenplay_my_npc_first_conv", leftDialog = "", customDialogText = "Welcome to My Screenplay, please choose an option.", stopConversation = "false", options = { {"Option 1. Go to the next stage of the conversation", "myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_1a"}, {"Option 2. Exit the conversation.", "myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_exit"}, } }
-- add this screen to the conversation myscreenplay_my_npc:addScreen(sullust_porter_first_conv);
-- option to exit the conversation
myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_exit = ConvoScreen:new { id = "myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_exit", leftDialog = "", customDialogText = "Goodbye.", stopConversation = "true", options = { } } -- add this screen to the conversation myscreenplay_my_npc:addScreen(myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_exit);
-- Option 1 of the conversation myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_1a
= ConvoScreen:new { id = "myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_1a", leftDialog = "", customDialogText = "You chose option 1. Please choose another option.", stopConversation = "false", options = { {"Start the conversation again.", "myscreenplay_my_npc_first_conv"}, {"Exit the conversation.", "myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_exit"}, } }
-- add this screen to the conversation myscreenplay_my_npc:addScreen(myscreenplay_my_npc_conv_1a);
-- register the conversation addConversationTemplate("myscreenplay_my_npc", myscreenplay_my_npc);

Now we need to let the screenplay engine know about these conversations, so in your bin/scripts/mobile/custom_content/conversations/myscreenplay folder, create a file called conversations.lua and edit it as below


Now finally, we need to inform the screenplay engine of our conversation.

Edit the file bin/scripts/mobile/custom_content/conversations.lua and add the following line

-- My Screenplay
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