We’re now emptying the house in preparation for a temporary move before heading abroad.

This weekend we were fortunate to have fantastic friends come to visit while they were in the area and had a lovely meal on Saturday night followed by Sunday dinner at Mum & Dad’s.

The house is down to the final few things needed to eat and sleep and we’re doing a final vanload on Wednesday.

After trying to sort out a new apartment in Egypt we were beginning to despair when it turns out that my old apartment is now empty again.  As most of my furniture is in there and the remainders is next door at my mate’s it was a no brainer.  We’re going home!

With the stress of the house sale removed (apart from actually clearing everything), life feels much better.  I hope my gorgeous wife forgives me for being such a miserable git over the past few months.

I’m once again appreciating how lucky I am to have such wonderful family and friends.

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