Khmer New Year was prefaced for 2 days by a guy sticking a speaker on a lamppost near to us and blasting out music from 7am, then about 9am a load of monks would come and sit at the side of the road under a temporary structure and chant for an hour or so.

When New Year actually arrived, the speaker and the monks had vanished.

The guesthouse across the road is packed with tourists – Cambodian, Korean, Chinese – lots of them.  Their minibuses arrive each morning about 8am, load up with inflatables, cool chests and people and disappear for the day, to beaches unknown.

After some apartment cleaning, we wandered down to Serendipity Road to see what was going on today.  It started raining!  Warm rain and not particularly heavy, but most tuk tuks seemed to be having the day off.  By the time we got to Serendipity we just dropped into Mick & Craig’s for some lunch. Great timing, as the heavens opened big time and continued on and off for the next few hours, while we relaxed with our kindles, food and drinks and watched the tourists traipse by.

During a dry spell we decided to wander up to the night market (obviously not in full swing as it was day time) and ended up walking the whole way home again.

Garlic pepper prawn and cheesy mash for dinner before an early night.

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