As we’re basically back to living a normal life and not travelling for a while, the blog can take a different direction.

Today I will discuss how to cook a Catherine fish.  These little beauties are yellow and have a leopard-skin pattern to their scales.  They’re similar to a grouper in appearance.

Our first attempt at cooking one of these gave us a beautifully-flavoured firm and fluffy flesh, but with an awful rubbery skin that clung to the flesh in a very possessive way.  The whole baked fish was rather ruined because of it. Due to this, the one we bought last week was given the full fillet-and-skin treatment before use.

Marinated for an hour in some olive oil and blackened cajun spices, then dredged in a thmye, lemon, salt, pepper and flour mixture before frying in a hot pan of melted butter worked perfectly.  Crispy edged, lush flavoured goodness.  Combined with caun-spiced sweet potato wedges and sauteed veg it was a winner.

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