3 months later

I’ve completely neglected this blog.  I think about writing something and then think, nah, nobody would be interested in that.

IMG20141229125527In November we finally got together with Hend and she cooked her amazing prawns, Alexandria style.  2kg of them!  They were awesome as usual and we had a lovely evening.

We’ve had a few beach days down at Color Beach but, although it’s free entry with the card we have, the drinks and food are criminally priced. It’s also been very windy and not as warm as I promised Corinne, as she frequently reminds me.

A pleasant surprise appeared when Robin, Mum & Dad all announced that they were going to be visiting shortly.

Robin turned up on Christmas Eve, so after the obligatory welcome meal at Kanarias (lobster!), we spent Christmas Day chilling down at Color Beach.

IMG_0976 (Large)We had New Year’s Eve at Nubian, as always.  Hend joined us at the marina, but it was a quiet affair compared to previous year’s celebrations.  Hend came down the next day to Color Beach and we spent New Year’s Day chilling (literally) on the beach.

Robin and I managed to get out fishing a couple of times, but the wind was a real problem.  We caught a couple of little ‘uns though, which was fun.

IMG_0991 (Large)We also managed to drag Robin out on a Super Safari day.  Bone-jarring jeep rides across the desert, quad bikes, spider buggies, camels, bedouin shows.  Great fun but it was freezing after the sun went down.

Mum and Dad came out on the 12th January, so the family were here for Corinne’s birthday on the 16th.

We went to El Gouna for the day on her birthday and had lunch downtown at the White Elephant Thai – lovely!  We then took tuk tuks to Abu Tig Marina as we’d booked Maritim for dinner.  I took Corinne to the jewellers in Gouna and bought her birthday and Christmas presents for her.

IMG_1161 (Large)After wandering around for a while, we sat in Maritim for a drink and decided that we were all full still from lunch so we headed back to the apartment and had cheese and nibbles instead.

The star of Egypt, Amgad, organised getting my bike fixed, so that’s up and running again.  The front brake still needs adjusting, as Egyptians refuse to tighten it saying that it’s dangerous.  “You must use the back brake, not the front brake or you will go over the front”.  Oh dear.  I’ll have to bleed the brakes myself when I can get around to it.

IMG_1152 (Large)Dad invited Hend out for Rob’s last night we went to Halaka and had a gorgeous and stupidly cheap fish festival.

Mum & Dad organised for us to access their hotel on day passes, so after Robin left, we spent most of the time chilling with them on the beach at the hotel, then having dinner together after.  Shahrazad put on a special lobster dinner for the four of us one night.  We also went to Barracuda, a fish restaurant at the top of Sheraton Road that we hadn’t tried before.  Good food, nice and clean and Dad couldn’t believe that 6 of us ate for around £35.  Shame they don’t serve booze, but apparently you can take your own.

IMG_1184 (Large)On Mum & Dad’s last night we went to Kanarias again – as always it was fun.  Since they left we’ve mostly stayed indoors, recovering from 5½ weeks of visitors.  It was fantastic to have them out here and I think they were surprised at how different the place is compared to the media portrayal.

We also suddenly realised that time is marching on and that we hadn’t sorted any flights or accommodation for our trip to South East Asia, so we sat down and planned out the trip.

14th February is the day planned for the journey’s beginning.

Hurghada –> Cairo –> Bangkok –> Phuket –> Kuala Lumpur –> Siem Reap –> Sihanoukville

We should arrive in Snooky on 11th March and after a few days of finding our feet we’ll begin working with Let Us Create Cambodia.

We’ve somehow managed to acquire stinking colds at the moment and so work towards the move is temporarily held up.  As we’re travelling in 6 days, we really need to get it sorted!

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