Well that’s Wednesday out of the way

and not much achieved. Work got in the way – a lot. And then some more.  And a bit more after that. It got to the stage where I had to get away, so I went down to the Plough … (read more)

Bloody Work

No news today really, end to end work with madness prevailing. No exchange on the house or completion date, so we still can’t book the flights. On the plus side, the gorgeous wife has cooked me a fish pie for … (read more)

Welcome to Monday

It’s Monday, we achieved a fair bit yesterday despite being completely underwhelmed by the Liverpool/Chelsea result.  Liverpool were superb but Chelsea simply parked an Eddie Stobart in front of their goal and were timewasting from the opening whistle.  Everton also … (read more)

Sorting out the house

It’s Sunday, and after a day ignoring the house and mostly chilling with the gorgeous wife, we’re up and ready to bring the last of the stuff down from the attic. It’s been a fair amount of work, with 20 … (read more)

Off on an adventure

After spending a few years in Egypt, I decided to return to the UK and marry my best mate. She very kindly agreed to this and we’re currently in the process of sorting out everything in the UK so that … (read more)